Developing an Art Style

Visual Development is the process where the art style of a game in defined, tuned and explored. The end result is an art style that fits with the target group, gameplay and story of the game. This phase is a close cooperation between the game director and the art director. It’s important for us that we understand and listen to our client in order to achieve the best result that fits their vision.

All the groundwork is being done in this phase. It’s the most important phase because it defines a guide for how the game should look. It’s the guide that will tie the assets together into a bigger picture.

We create character- and environment design’s based on the art style while exploring within the chosen style. With our designs we start defining the big shapes and from there we tune in on the smaller details. The design is chosen based on the character’s personality and how it should feel. From there we take the design into production design and create a turnaround, key poses and an expression sheet. These sheets help in production when we are creating the asset in a 3D software.

When we join a new project it can be early in the process where there is still no art style defined. We can join in early development or it can be in a later stage depending on the client’s needs. These are the areas of our expertise:

• Look development
• Character Design
• Environment Design
• Production Design
• Illustrations
• Promotion Art