Game Environments

Environments are often neglected. It is a shame because they are equally important as the characters in your game, if not more important. The world is where the player explores and when playing they might stop up and admire the view. When there is cared for the environment, it adds so much to the game experience as a whole.

We design environments keeping the style guide and story in mind. The best environments tell a story through the visuals. Once we have a design and idea about how the environment and level will work, we start planning it out in 3D. We call this process digital layout. From there we can start the modeling process. We prioritize everything and start with the most important assets. Sometimes we will go in and sculpt details on the model depending on the style and the object. After it’s modeled, we give the assets color, shading and texture. In the end, we light the scene, this is where everything comes together, and the piece can be seen as a whole. We can provide these services within this area:

• Environment Design
• Prop Design
• 3D Modeling
• Digital Layout
• Sculpting
• Texturing
• Animation
• Lighting