Visual Development

Visual Development is about developing and designing the look and feel of a game. It’s defining the style, creating environments, characters and props to fill up the world. It’s defining a direction for the game art. Everything in this stage is exciting.


Adventuring and exploring is part of our human nature. With video games we have the power to create new exciting worlds for a player to explore. A world tells a story through its look. One of our primary skills is developing, designing and producing game environments.


Characters are the backbone of every story. They make you laugh and cry. Good characters can make a game and bad characters can break it. That’s why we care, and believe in creating amazing characters.


Animation is a craft; it’s where the characters come to life. Movement says everything about a character. Animation is one of the most rewarding phases and also one of the most challenging. That’s why we like it and why our animators are specialized in this art form.


Effects just gives the game flair. It’s the sprinkles on top of the cupcake. It enhances how the game feels. It’s the atmosphere, water, fire, rain, spells, blood, clothes etc. and that’s why it gives so much to a game.

Promotional Art

We can help you create marketing material for your game.

Game Development

We are able to develop a game from first initial sketch to final game published on a storefront.